Installation 13


Equipment installed:

  • 16-channel AV processor with Dolby Atmos and DTS-X processing.
  • Lamp projector with native 4K resolution, 4096×2160.
  • Anamorphic lens for image stretching to achieve native cinemascope aspect.
  • Fixed backlit screen in RGB led, screen in 2.35:1 aspect of 4000mm x 1702mm. With acoustically transparent fabric.
  • A row of seating with 5 seats and a relax sofa with four motorized seats, individual controls for each seat.


  • Configuration of the installed speaker system 7.2.4(Three front LCR, 4 Surround Speakers, 2 Subwoofers, 4 Atmos Speakers).
  • Acoustic study of the room, acoustic treatment designed tailor made, including all the acoustic panels of the room(ceiling).

Brands used:

Klipsch – Acurus – AdeoScreen – JVC – SCP – AudioQuest – Panasonic – Loslassen – Panamorph – Lumagen – Luxul – Euroseating



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