Here we give you the details of the services our company can provide.

Design and installation of private home cinema and multimedia rooms

At CinePremium we take good care of every aspect of your home cinema from the beginning: pipes, acoustic treatment of the room, decoration, lighting, audiovisual, homeautomation, Wi-Fi Network, LAN Network, etc.

In addition to installing and calibrating the equipment, we offer complete maintenance of every system.

All you have to worry about is choosing your favourite film or music and play it just by touching a tactile screen or iPad and everything will work!.

Design and installation of audiovisual systems

Whatever your audiovisual needs and wishes are, we can advise you on the perfect image or sound equipment, in a personalized manner.

Multi-room (audio distribution), image distribution in CAT6 or CAT7 (balanced video), High definition, image and sound installation anywhere: restaurant, terraces, cafeteria, patios, spas, Jacuzzis, etc. Installation of multimedia rooms.

Our vast experience in this area makes us well aware of all available offers in the market a perfect installation of your own personal system.

Design, programming and installation of home automation projects

We integrate every active element of your home: air conditioning, lighting, garden sprinkler, alarms, security, shades, blinds, awnings, home appliances, audiovisual equipment, etc.

Everything is controlled by your iPad or iPhone, smart phone or tactile screen, either in a remote or local manner. You will be able to control the whole system from anywhere in the world.

We have our own programming so we can provide a system made to measure. We will analyze your new or former installation and give you the best possible smart house options.

Design of LAN and Wi-Fi networks

Networks communication whether by cable or Wi-Fi nowadays are very important. The audio visual content usually comes from mobile devices and to download or upload a content we need a quality LAN and WI-Fi network.

At CinePremium we prepare a real study of Wi-Fi and LAN coverage and power, necessary for the correct functioning of mobile and fixed devices connected to the home network.

Wi-Fi antennas, switches, routers, controllers, CAT6 or CAT7 cabling all you need to design the correct Wi-Fi and LAN network for your needs.

Design and installation of acoustic treatments

The acoustic treatment of an audio or multimedia room is one of the most important parts of a room. Acoustic conditioning will allow us to know what the actual acoustic conditions of the room are in order to undertake an acoustic conditioning project.

We not only design acoustics for audio or multimedia room, we also do acoustic projects and studies for restaurants, meeting rooms, boardrooms or management, function hall, etc,

We have an extensive experience in this area.

Set in motion and calibration

To set your audiovisual system in perfect motion, we offer an image and sound calibration, optimizing one hundred per cent of your system.

A projector that has been perfectly calibrated offers a high quality image, optimizing the level of light, contrast, range and shade of colour to your screen and your screening room.

The sound works in he same way, setting the speakers and subwoofer to the right pressure level will produce sound in a well-balanced and harmonic way.


We carry out all kinds of projects and installations anywhere in the world.


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